Planning and Construction

Value Engineering & Planning

At New Age Development Group, high-end construction doesn’t have to come with the most expensive price tag. In fact, value engineering and outstanding workmanship are cornerstones of our service, and we work closely with clients to develop plans that meet their budget goals and scheduling needs. Our superior planning solutions allow us to maintain our scheduling commitments, keeping costs as low as possible while delivering unsurpassed construction service.

New Age Development Group is a proud veteran-owned business with nearly two decades of experience designing and developing value-engineered real estate all along the Mid-East Coast, including major metropolitan centers like Washington, D.C. and New York City. We specialize in residential, commercial, and government construction.

Clients rely on New Age Development Group for our high-end design and construction services.

As the region’s leading commercial builders, we have experience constructing a diverse range of real estate developments that include shopping centers, restaurants, medical facilities, modern warehouses, residential developments, and more. We also specialize in value-engineered construction in the public sector and have a long list of government contracts to our credit. Our portfolio demonstrates our dynamic experience. When it comes to value engineering and planning, we have the tools, resources, and staffing needed to manage all aspects of architecture construction projects from the first designs to project completion.

Construction Materials

New Age Development Group manages construction materials sourcing with an emphasis on quality and affordability. As a leading East Coast construction firm, we’ve established a network of trustworthy partners in our sector. We’re able to source all manner of construction materials at the best-going rates, then pass on our savings to our clients to help them keep their costs down. Managing materials allows us to schedule each aspect of the job with an eye toward efficiency.

Scope Development

In our experience at New Age Development Group, no two projects are alike. Having completed a wide range of construction projects in the residential, commercial, and government sectors means we have the experience to provide scope development services. From small to large-scale developments, each project includes a unique approach to ensure that all details of the planning and construction phases will be effectively managed by our professional general contractors.

Construction Scheduling

The general contractors of New Age Development Group live and breathe project management, and our superior plans provide a development roadmap for success. Part of our efficient service means attention to construction scheduling. All development projects include a myriad of jobs that must be managed carefully and scheduled in a manner that supports timely project completion. Our general contractors manage the scheduling carefully to ensure that each job is performed by a highly-skilled construction specialist and is completed on time.

From materials sourcing and scope development to high-end design and construction completion, New Age Development Group is the experienced firm you need to achieve a successful, value-engineered development outcome. Our clients rely on us for our transparency, integrity, and high-end workmanship. We prioritize communication and cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise quality. Get to know our portfolio of completed developments, then contact us to consult about your upcoming project. We look forward to getting to know you and your project in detail.

Our dedication, passion and experience will make the best use of your resources and help to maximize your return on investment.

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