Questions You Should Be Asking Your Commercial Contractor

Are you vetting commercial contractors for your next project? Here are the top 20 questions you should be asking:

What’s Your Experience?

It is essential to work with a long-serving commercial contractor with profound knowledge and experience in the construction business.

Have You Worked on a Similar Project?

The goal is to hire a contractor with completed projects like yours or similar scale or requirements.

Can You Handle the Project?

Contractors have a scope of service and may not handle some projects because of shortages in equipment, technology, labor, etc.

How Long Will It Take?

Determining the project timeline will help you plan for funding, material, and other acquisitions to avoid delays.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

You should only work with a licensed, insured, and bonded commercial contractor, as you can hold them responsible when they fail to meet their contractual obligations and promises.

Do You Have References?

A reliable contractor will provide references for projects similar to yours so you can find out more about their work.

What’s Your Claim History Like?

If many people have been making claims against the contractor, it should be a red flag to move on and continue searching for one with a growing reputation.

Why Should I Choose Your Company?

This is a way to let the contractor explain why they are better than their competition and what difference they bring to the table.

Who Will Design the Project?

Some contractors outsource their designers while others have in-house teams, so it is essential to determine who is entrusted with the designs.

Can I Meet the Team?

It is vital to meet the team that will complete your project. You can pick up several things from having a conversation with the contractor, and it also builds trust.

Do You Provide Estimates or Fixed Costs?

Some bids are estimates that can be adjusted, so you should ask for clarification to avoid unplanned expenses.

What’s the Payment Schedule Like?

Regardless of the project, you should never pay the entire amount upfront. You can compare different payment schedules to identify one that suits your financial position.

How Soon Can We Start?

It is essential to allocate enough time for planning and preparation, but you should determine when the project will commence staying on schedule.

Who Are Your Subcontractors?

Contractors often work with different subcontractors. Gathering information about their reputation and reliability is crucial to success.

Who Are Your Suppliers?

Contractors and subcontractors will get their supplies from different places, including local suppliers and factories. Make sure the suppliers can deliver quality materials.

What Are Your Service Quality Guarantees?

What are the quality guarantees, and what happens if the contractor fails to meet their obligations?

Do You Keep Safety Records?

Work with commercial contractors with a clean safety record. If you can’t find one, choose those that record the least injuries at the job site.

How Busy Is Your Company at This Time?

Make sure you are not hiring a contractor that’s currently swamped with projects and deadlines.

Did You Finish the Last Project Like Ours on Time?

It is comforting to work with a contractor that delivered their last three projects on time.

How Do You Ensure Costs?

The goal here is to prevent contractors from overrunning costs to increase their share from the allocated payment percentage.

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