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Government Construction Contractors

When it comes to world-class government planning and construction services, New Age Development Group has a reputation for exceeding our client’s expectations. We are a general contractor and full-service construction firm that has nearly two decades of experience. A veteran-owned-and-operated company, we understand the processes that govern public construction bids and project management. We boast an expansive portfolio of government projects that we completed all across the Mid-East Coast. Whether your development is based in New York City, NY, or Washington, D.C., we can provide the customized services our clients are looking for.

Not all companies are comfortable working in the government sector because of its rigorous compliance issues and bureaucratic processes. However, New Age Development Group enjoys partnering with government agencies to develop high-end constructions that serve the public. We feature a team of experienced and highly-skilled construction contractors who understand the intricacies of government contracts and the importance of meeting expectations at every stage of the construction project. Our certified general contractors and builders have a proven track record for outstanding workmanship in both the government and commercial construction sectors.

High-End Government Construction

For high-end government construction, public officials and agencies trust our general contractors to partner with them to design, plan, and build developments following the most exacting specifications. Unlike retail development, government construction may include many local, state, and federal agencies in the planning process as opposed to a single commercial body. We have experience working with government officials at all levels and can provide valuable insight during project planning phases and deliver project completion that satisfies all the goals outlined in the project. High-end government construction is among our specialty services, and our contractors enjoy developing buildings that support the public good.

Government Construction

New Age Development Group can deliver a government contract bid in accordance with all the necessary parameters associated with a given development project. Before we bid on a government construction project, we’ll carefully research the project in detail in order to deliver a thoughtful bid that includes real-world construction plans and accurate pricing. While it’s always thrilling to win a government construction project, it’s crucial to our team that our bid mirrors the ideal route to project success. Our clients rely on our expertise in all aspects of the construction process; our bids reflect our consummate know-how.

Government Contractor

As a leading government contractor for Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania, New Age Development Group enters into government contracts with the determination to live up to each detail. We are keenly aware of our contractual obligations, and we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in every respect. Our reputation as a premier government contractor is essential to us. We take our responsibilities as outlined in government contracts seriously — we can’t imagine any other way of conducting our business.

For unsurpassed government construction development — no matter the project’s scope — consult with New Age Development Group. Our contractors are always eager to work on exciting developments in the public sector. We can put together a government construction bid with expediency as soon as we gather all the relevant development information. Contact us to learn more about our experience and expertise.

Our dedication, passion and experience will make the best use of your resources and help to maximize your return on investment.

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