The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Commercial Construction

Business owners have an important relationship with the area around their buildings. With their business having a potentially significant impact on the local environment, it’s their responsibility to ensure that their office spaces, restaurants, or retail spaces don’t leave a lasting negative impact. No matter the scale of the project, green construction services — like those provided by New Age Development Group — can help.

With more businesses exploring limiting their overall environmental impact from the beginning and through their years of operation, finding ways to incorporate eco-friendly construction practices into the design phase becomes critical. Initially considered too costly an endeavor, improvements in green construction materials and techniques enabled businesses to emphasize green initiatives during the construction process.

Being More Mindful of the Materials

This type of construction involves being more mindful of the types of materials you use and how you construct the building from the ground up. By embracing eco-friendly construction practices for your next facility, you can experience a wealth of immediate and long-term benefits while lowering your impact on the environment. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to potentially experience:

Lower Maintenance Costs

Once believed to be too large of an investment, architects have begun to use construction techniques that increase the efficiency of using resources such as water and electricity. Without proper planning and an effort to go green, water and electricity use can quickly grow out of hand and make your bills skyrocket. Using the right techniques can help limit how many future resources and capital you spend on maintaining your water and energy usage.

Improved Indoor Environment

One aspect of building design that people take for granted revolves around indoor air quality. Your building’s HVAC system works hard year-round to keep your IAQ high and the people in your facility healthy. By implementing green design techniques into your building, you can begin to improve the indoor environment quality and see upticks in the overall health of visitors and your staff.

In addition to taking steps to improve indoor air quality, the amount of natural light that enters your space can positively impact your tenants. More natural lighting can help people feel more relaxed and lead to reduced stress throughout their day. 

Efficient Materials

One of the most significant drawbacks to traditional construction comes from the materials used at every stage. At various points in history, contractors used less-than-sustainable materials during construction to save money, which could potentially cause problems. During these construction projects, material waste became more of an issue, and sometimes the materials used proved to be toxic.

By being more mindful of the materials used by contractors, green construction can limit the amount of waste that each project produces, recycle excess materials, use the minimum amount without compromising the structure, and create a sustainable building in the process.

Helps Your Bottom Line

We’ve discussed how using eco-friendly materials and building techniques can help improve your bottom line, but you can also attract a new set of customers by embracing green design. More people want to support businesses that embrace becoming greener and care about their impact on the environment.

You can focus parts of your advertising campaigns on the ways your new building works to limit its impact on the environment. You can show people that you have taken a responsible approach to the types of commercial construction techniques you and your general contractor utilized.

If you have a new construction project coming up and want to embrace a greener and environmentally friendly approach, New Age Development Group is the partner for you! We take pride in being one of the best construction companies in incorporating green construction techniques into our large-scale commercial construction projects. Contact us to schedule your first appointment with our planning team today!